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Lysva Metallurgical Company
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About the Company

Lysva Metallurgical Company (prior to December 2013 – Insajur Group) was founded in 1994 in the city of Togliatti.
Lysva Metallurgical Company (LMC) unites production company Lysva Metallurgical Plant ZAO (LMZ, Lysva, Perm Region) and trading company INSAJUR-AUTOTRADE-TL LTD (the city of Togliatti, Samara Region).
In 2013 on the production site of Lysva Metallurgical Plant an investment project on the construction of a new cold flat products complex (Cold Complex) started. During the first stage of the project in the existing production premises of the plant a new color coating line with Print technology with the annual capacity of 110 000 tons will be installed and a new cold flat rolled products shop with the annual capacity of 820 000 tons will be constructed. During the second stage of the project construction of the second rolled shop is foreseen. 

Steel Products

Electrolytic zinc coated cold rolled steel (EZ)
Сoil coating cold rolled steel with décor painting by Print technology
Electrogalvanized coil coated cold rolled steel (EOZPp)
Electrolytic zinc coated cold rolled steel (EOZ)
Coil coating steel with hot-dip zinc coated substrate (PPGI)
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